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Crown: In case a tooth has been extensively destroyed by caries or traumatic accident till it cannot withstand the chewing load, that tooth needs to be crowned. If the tooth needs a root canal treatment; the crown will usually be placed after finishing the root canal treatment .The crown may be used to improve appearance in some cases of abnormal shaped tooth or malaligned or rotated. Full porcelain crown is placed in the area of highly esthetic concern. Otherwise, the crown may be made of porcelain fused to metal. In the molar region or when there is heavy grinding or when the original crown is very short, full cast alloy crown is the best option.

Bridge: A bridge is a dental substitution replacing one or more teeth which cannot be removed by the patient. It is fixed in the patient’s mouth by cementing to the teeth adjacent to the space. The material used is the same as that is used for a crown.

Partial denture: is a removable appliance that can replace one or more teeth in a dental arch. It may be restored entirely on teeth or be supported by the soft tissue or the combination of both teeth and soft tissue (gum). Partial denture is retained by clasps, by adhesion to the soft tissue or by dental or soft tissue undercuts. The base of the denture could be made of plastic (temporary plate) or metal.

Complete denture: is a removable dental prosthesis that replaces the entire dentition and associated structures of the mandible. The complete set of teeth is reconstructed with artificial teeth and gingival colored resin.

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